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If you yearn for old Hawaii, the era of romance and luxury ocean liners, the promise of paradise, and whisperings of happiness, you've come to the right place. These vintage Hawaiiana prints will take you back to your visions of yesteryear, the paradise of your dreams. Matson Line, ca. 1920 20" x 28"
There are 5 dolls in the nest. The tallest one is 6" high and the smallest is 1 3/4". Signed by a Russian artist.
100% Hula Girl Kona Coffee.  This Kona Coffee is grown on the western slopes of Hawaii's Volcanoes.  It has medium acidity and a moderate after taste.  Most sough after by all world's coffee enthusiast. Hula Girl 100% Kona Coffee most sought after by all world's coffee enthusiasts. Each coffees is available in 7 oz ( 196 g)


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